When a Dream is Just a Dream

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to become a doctor. It was a career revered by so many in community. It was a career that garnered a lot of respected and required a lot of discipline. There was nothing negative about the career in my eyes. Due to the doctor shortage, I would never have to worry about being unemployed. Not to mention, the idea of interacting with different kinds of people and helping them in their time of need drew me to the job. All in all there is a lot of prestige to being a doctor.

However, as the dream of becoming a doctor was in the process of becoming a reality, I started getting scared. Not to mention, I also changed over time. Reality starts to settle in a bit more once you get older. The draw of a certain career is clouded by the reality of just what the career entails. Being a doctor means saving lives, but it can also mean losing lives at times, and seeing people in pain and agony every day. Not to mention, the people who took pre-med classes with me didn’t emulate the type of doctors I grew up respecting. The reality of studying medicine shrouded over the dream of what being a doctor would be like.

Recently, at a friend’s wedding, the pastor mentioned that my friend was not marrying the idea of her soon to be husband. That the real marriage is in no way what the idea of marriage is. This piece of advise holds true to everything that we do in and pursue in life. We’ll only know how much the reality of the situation mirrors the expectations of the idea by experiencing it. But when the reality of the dream life we wanted doesn’t give us the satisfaction we longed for, do we wallow in regret over the disappointment of the dreams we pursued?

We can’t go back and rewind our lives to make the perfect decisions for moving forward in life. We have only one life to live and that’s the brilliance and tragedy of our lives. The real world is scary no matter what route we take. So why not just let a dream be a dream and live in a fantasy where there is no negativity to the dream at hand?


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