Don’t be a Bed Potato

It’s definitely much easier said then done. Why must we pressure ourselves to go out and experience discomfort in the real world when there’s no reason to leave the comfortable bed that we just woke up in or the option of being a couch potato watching tv or possibly even a “bed potato” watching  Netflix? I guess because a part of us doesn’t feel satisfied with ourselves when we stay home and have no accomplishments to be proud of for the day.

The first time that I felt I was getting older was when I started to wake up feeling sore. The workload of the previous day had settled in and my body wanted to do nothing more than to lay in bed for another hour or so to relieve the soreness that I woke up with. Sadly, I would succumb to the desire to sleep in and wake up hours later hating myself waking up midday having done nothing. Not to mention, I would have to spend a few minutes to an hour overcoming the grogginess.

By sleeping in to relieve my sore muscles marks a loss of discipline as well. By being easygoing on my body meant that I’d be easygoing on myself for the rest of the day. I became a lethargic being that walked around thinking about nothing other than what I want to eat for lunch,that meal between lunch and dinner, and dinner. I want to do nothing more than to lay on my bed and play games on my phone. All the while, I kept telling myself I can always put off stuff for later on that day or the following day. Sadly, this is just part of the cycle. I don’t accomplish anything the next day because I slept in again.

The bad thing about being a bed potato is that you have set yourself up for complacency for the day. How you start off your day influences how you spend the rest of your day. Most of the time, if I start the morning reading, then chances are, I’ll be able to continue reading for longing periods of time throughout the day. If I’m active in the morning, I’m less likely to sit around and my mind is more alert. However, once again, these accomplishments require that I actually get out of bed at a reasonable time and talk myself into doing these things.

Telling myself to do things is the hardest part. However, I find that on mornings that I want nothing more than to lay in bed and listen to a YouTube video, I start to question myself. What’s actually keeping me in bed? Why don’t I want to get out of bed? Most of time, I’m alert but my the rest of my body wants to rest. However, with the right willpower, I’m able to get out of bed at a reasonable time. But sadly, this only happens once in a blue moon.

The reason for this piece is because I myself have been in a bed potato state for far too long. This isn’t good on one’s mentality, being a bed potato. When someone decides to choose to do nothing, chances are they’ll continue to do nothing. It’s very hard breaking that cycle because it’s outside a comfort zone. But by doing something such as getting out of bed at a reasonable time everyday, it’s a good start to making progress in one’s life and an accomplishment in itself. So, it’s time to stop waking up to the afternoon sun and streaming videos. Instead, it’s time to rise early and enjoy the hours lost from sleeping in.


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