Productive Mindset: Morning Routine


So this is going to the first in what I foresee as a four-part series. I wanted to talk about productivity because I’m lacking some at the moment and wanted to remind myself of a time when I felt the most productive and retrace how I got to be so productive during that time. My most successful semester in college was fall semester of my junior year. I had the highest GPA in my college career,yet I never felt stressed about my schoolwork. It was the first time that I felt like I was in control of my time. I want to relive that lifestyle. So the first part that I wanted to share was about how things went in the morning.


So first and foremost, one should be at the right mindset. If you look forward to your day, you’re more likely to roll out of bed and start your day rather than try to catch up on a few more hours of sleep. Many of us decide to sleep in because we don’t quite have our day planned well ,and we feel that we can put off things for a few more hours. Or some of us want to lay in bed to savor in the comfort of sleep lost on us by the previous night’s insomnia. Whatever the reason may be, we have to get ourselves out of bed. That is VERY important. As for what time one should get up in the morning, I think that 6:30 to 7:00 in the morning is the optimal time to be awake. It gives you enough time to get ready for the day and have time for a good breakfast.


Now that you’re up way early, what should you do?Stay awake! The first thing that I always did was make my bed when I got up. I’ve been told by many that it’s really good for productivity throughout a day. It acts as your first accomplishment for the day. Making your bed is a simple chore, and it gets you moving in the morning. Most people find that they are also less likely to succumb to a midday nap while in their room if their bed is made. I was one of those people who found the bed less inviting to relax on or sleep in when the bed was made.


The next thing that I usually did was some kind of exercise. YouTube is great for finding exercises. My go-to channels are FitnessBlender and Yoga with Adriene. In the mornings, I do a simple routine, something that doesn’t last longer than 20 minutes. It evokes discipline to wake up early every morning and exercise. Exercise is helpful for staying in shape and keeping your mind focused. I always find studying more bearable after exercise.


After exercise, I wash my clean my face and eat light breakfast. Then I start the day by going over schoolwork. I usually like to read ahead so that I know what the professor is talking about in class. I keep a notebook next to me to take notes as I read my textbook. The purpose of the notebook is two-fold: one, it helped me remember things easier when I jotted down notes, and two, it helped me concentrate on my readings. So after I’ve done my reading for the day, I brush my teeth and then head off to class.


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