Productive Mindset: End of the Day


So I’ve been having some trouble falling asleep lately. Sure, I go to bed at what I consider to be a decent time(11-12), but I don’t fall asleep until 2 or 3 in the morning. This causes me to have a really hard time waking up and getting ready the next morning. I believe there’s few factors leading to this problem.


So one of the reasons that I have trouble sleeping is that I have lacked some discipline when it comes to sleeping, especially during the summer, when there are no rules for when to sleep and when to wake up. But each and every day, you should be aware of when you want to go to bed and plan your work around it. By planning when you want to go to sleep, you have given yourself a deadline for when your work should be done. This takes away from you spending too much time on your assignments, and it also makes you focus more on the task at hand. By planning when you want to go to bed, you’re also able to avoid staying up all night working on an assignment you kept putting off. So, make sure that you finish what you need to do early, so that you could go to bed feeling accomplished.


Setting a time for when to sleep every night is the first step. The next step is to be able to execute it. Sometimes, distractions come along and before you know it, it’s 12 o’clock ,and you’re so tired that you just want to crawl into bed and not shower. One of the simple things that you can do is around the time you plan on going to sleep, make yourself go and start a bit of your bedtime routine. Start by either flossing or washing your face. The key is to initiate something. Once you have initiated your bedtime routine, you’ll find it easier to complete the rest. Now to the hard part: falling asleep. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve suffered from insomnia a lot more. I’ve just had a lot more to worry about ,and a lot more complex thoughts enter my mind. It’s hard trying to stay still and fall asleep when your mind is racing. So I have to have something distract me from my thoughts.  When I was younger, I would listen to the radio and fall asleep that way. Now, I put on a television show and listen to it until I fall asleep. The shows that I listen to are used as white noise. The trick to listening to a television show is to stick to listening to one show and not keeping changing stations.  I find that I fall asleep faster when I have an episode of 30 Rock on.


By this I mean that when you go to sleep, you should feel like a goal of sorts. Like you’ve worked so hard the entire day and sleeping is a reward. Don’t see as it something that just happens once bedtime rolls around. In order to see sleep at a goal, you have to put your all into what you’re doing that day. Exhaust your mind and body with knowledge and exercise,respectively. It makes sleeping easier.


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