Things that Are Ruining my Life(Part I)

I swear in my everyday life one o’clock to six o’clock happens in an hour. Time just flies by and I’m doing nothing but playing on my phone. Sometimes, I waste time on my laptop as well. So I decided to write about the things that are currently stopping me from doing useful things, such as studying, in the hopes that I can reason with myself that it’s not okay to have your phone die on you midday from playing so many games. So here’s a list of things that are currently ruining my life.

1. Sims Freeplay

This app is by far the best free app that the app store has to offer. I’ve been through a number of apps since getting an apple product about five years ago. The Sims Freeplay app is one of the few that’s stayed on my phone since then, even though it takes up almost one gigabyte of space.  The people who work to create the game know how to entice people. There’s an update just about every month and most of them are sooo stinkin’ awesome. I get to build a house with a balcony now! And my Sims can have infants to feed in high chairs! Doesn’t that sound amazing? Right now my infants are on a quest to win a bouncer. Does it sound ridiculous? Because it is. I’m playing make believe and I’m about to be 23.


I have so many back stories for my characters. I even have a word document to record who married who and had which kids so that I could prevent incestuous relationships. It’s a freakin game! One time, I reset my phone because I had lost my progress on the game and was sad because I couldn’t get back some of my characters. It’s just a game! All you do is make them do stuff so that you can earn life points just so you can make them do more things.

I think that Sims may be a fun way to relieve stress and wind down from the day. But I have no big stress nor do I need to wind down because I play it so much! The creators of Sims kind of give you an option,in a way. With the Sims, it’s all about how much time you decide to put into it. You can visit your sims daily for a few minutes to complete some tasks, or you can spend hours browsing the game to find new clothes for your sims to wear, or building a mansion for them to live in. It’s all about discipline and some of us fail that test.

The low point of this whole Sims playing is when I started an Instagram account to document my sims since they can die now. People actually follow me on the account. There are other people who do this. There are videos that people make where you just watch them building houses for their sims. This is so ridiculous. Before long, I’ll probably be talking about my sims like they’re real people.


2. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

So the first time that I downloaded the game I thought it was so stupid. You just tap the screen and earn money so that you can buy more clothes and get more properties. That’s it. Again, you spend the day mindlessly tapping at things so that you can earn money to buy things and start the process over again. What makes the game so addicting is the fact that it makes me want to earn money so that I can buy the houses and see what furniture the houses have. Every weekend there’s an event where you can earn new clothes and hairstyles that you can’t find in the store. They’re meant to be exclusive items.


I have a hard time deleting the game now because I have so many exclusive items that I don’t want to lose. Plus, if I go on enough dates with my spouse in the game, we can have a baby. I think in terms of life goals, this has to be the saddest one. I think the baby is going to be useless anyways, just like the husband. It’ll just be there for show and mooch off my character’s wealth. I’ve divorced three husbands in the game because I didn’t like that they were clingy. What is my life.

Sidenote, while writing this, I actually got my phone to open the game because  my energy level is full and my character is doing a gig. I’ve never been so disappointed in myself.


3. Our First Home

This is a new game that I found on the app store. I’ve been going through this phase where I like playing home improvement games and Our First Home is kind of like a house flip game. You get a certain amount of money and turn a profit so that you can use it to make over your own starter house. The thing is, there’s only three floor plans ,yet I’ve spent a portion of the day playing it. Chances are I’m still going to play it after this. It’s just three freaking floor plans ,and I just decorate the houses differently because the lady on the screen tells me to. I’m just putting furniture in a house! My own room is messy, and I’m trying to figure out how to utilize space in a fake house.


4. App store


So I can pretty much blame the app store for all my problems because the games above were found on the app store. Browsing through the App Store is the worst kind of window shopping.There’s always something that you can download. It’ s a never-ending cycle. Get bored, get a new game. Today I downloaded two more useless games. One of them was so boring that I’ve already deleted it before.


So basically, I have no discipline at this point and because of that, simple things such as an app is able to ruin my life.


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