Things that are Ruining my Life (Part II)

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Again, I hope by writing out things that bring out my obsessiveness, I can stop having it ruin my life. So more things that are ruining my life…

1. Mystery Games

Have you guys ever played those games on your phone where you look for hidden objects and then use it to solve some crime? It’s really addicting looking for hidden objects. The biggest problem with these games is that they only allow you play for a certain period of time. After that you have to wait for your energy to recharge to find more hidden objects. That sounds like it’s a good thing right? Nope. Because you’re constantly playing the waiting game with your phone, you just sit around sometimes waiting for your energy level to recharge. I think it has to do with the fact that I’m not the one in control of how long I’m playing the game, the game is. So I resort to playing other games to pass the time and then check back on the game, which is pretty sad.

There’s this new game that I’m playing called Agent Alice and the storyline is so messed up. There’s all these criminals who have a thing with mirrors and Alice just woke up in bed next to stranger, who turned out to be a thief, who is now her partner at some secret agency. That’s way too much drama for a hidden object game.


Yet somehow I get sucked into the game. It’s not even that fun. You look for hidden things and after a while you’re just looking for the same hidden things so that you can get a star to solve crimes with. Sadly, even though it’s ruining my life, I’ve taken the time to download two more games like it. I have no self control. Ugh.

2. Free  Trials

This is the worst thing ever. So this summer I decided to sign up for free trials of things because I’d have more time to take advantage of things. My one month of Netflix was a nightmare. I literally tried to binge watch as many shows as possible, even though I didn’t like the show at the end. I found a few gems along the way(An Idiot Abroad) but then there are some that I kept binge watching because Netflix makes it so easy to watch shows. I think at one point I was watching a season a day of Arrested Development and My Name is Earl.


I did the same thing with my Hulu and HBONow trials. Hulu was the worst. I watched all of the Mindy Project with my Hulu trial and the trial was for a week. HBONow was worse in some ways because it didn’t have commercials. I watched all of Girls within a week and then just spent the rest of the time aimlessly scrolling to see what HBO had.

I also had a ten-day free trial for a gaming site. I’ve never downloaded so many games in my life. I wanted to finish playing each game at the end of the day. To be honest, it felt like work playing these games towards the end. But I had to keep playing because it was FREE.

Free trials are also killer because they automatically sign you up for their subscriptions, which means you have to stay on top of canceling things to avoid fees. I struggle with that sometimes.


3. Soap Operas

Yes, I watch soap operas. Yes, I find them cheesy and cliche at times. There’s currently four soaps online and I know what’s going on in all of them. It’s the same story line over and over again. Someone’s pregnant, who’s the father? There’s a lot of crying, a lot flashbacks, and way too much drama that early in the day. The thing about soap operas is that you don’t miss out on much even if you miss a week of story. Sometimes it takes a week for a soap day to go by due to the numerous flashbacks of wrongdoings. Not to mention, so many scenes end with a closeup of a person looking guilty or bewildered as a cliffhanger.

Why do I plop myself in front of a television for three hours a day when one storyline takes ages to tell? I swear a lot these storylines don’t move at all. It’s the same thing over and over again. I also get really pissed watching some of these soaps, so why do I keep watching it? I can do a rant just about the storylines in soaps. Although, I have to mention that one soap lost me when the guy started sleeping with his girlfriend’s mother. He was too messed up.


4. Youtube

It’s the reason I can’t go to sleep at a decent time. So many weird videos to watch. I cannot tell you the number of times I ended up on the weird side of YouTube.  But the only reason I end up on the weird side of Youtube is because I keep clicking on the stupid thumbnails. One time I watched someone get their ingrown hair pulled out. I ask myself “why?” all the time.

I don’t particularly understand why I watch vlogs. It’s just people living their lives and I’m watching them. Why am I watching them live their life when I could be living mine? One time a guy in a vlog said it was funny so many of us decided to watch him live his life. When the vlogger thinks it’s funny, you know it’s a bit sad. I don’t even know these people! They talk about their friends and the funny things that happened and I don’t even know their friends. Why am I doing watching them?


5. Talking to Myself

This is something that has slowed me down a bit. So it’s problem for me when I’m in the bathroom. I would be getting ready for bed and then I’d start talking to myself in the mirror to see how I look when I’m talking. I make as many expressions as possible to see how they look and try out different looks whenever I’m talking to myself in the mirror. Sometimes I spend a hour of so in the bathroom talking to myself. I promise I’m sane.


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