When It’s Time to Upgrade Your Squad


So after months of being annoyed at a friend, I’ve finally reached my breaking point and decided to break all contact with him. I’ve tried to ignore all the bad things about him and push those things aside. I try not to let people get under my skin, but this turd of a friend has achieved what few have been able to do. So, to release my anger, I’ve decided to provide examples of the times that he’s been the biggest dick in the world.

Let’s start with the reason for why I am writing this. Currently I’m studying for a standardized test and thinking about applying to professional school. This “friend” would tell me what he’s heard about the interview process and about the current applicants. He keeps telling me about how competitive these candidates are and how great their scores are. A few minutes ago he asked me how studying was going and then told me that the scores from the applicants were superb, but “no pressure.” Well pressure felt. Who in their right mind would try to psych out a friend a week before their test? After weeks of messages like this, I’ve finally reached my breaking point.

Another bad thing about him is that he’s only available when it’s convenient for him. He’ll send strings of text messages in the middle of the night because he feels like it. But, whenever I send a message inviting him to hang out with friends, he ignores the messages if he’s not interested. How hard is it to type “no” into your phone? Not to mention, there was a period of time when he would text me to get food for him. Why would I do that if I know he won’t reciprocate?

Our friends get annoyed with him as well and they just brush it off. “Oh, it’s just how he is,” they’d say. His sketchiness and his insults are just part of his nature. It’s not intentional. Somehow that’s supposed to make it better. I believe that he knows what he’s doing. He likes people to get annoyed at him. He likes to see people riled up because of him because his own life is really boring and pathetic.

It’s understandable to have ups and downs with your friends. But when the bad outweighs the good, it’s time to move on. It’s like being in a relationship. When you’re tired of that person’s shenanigans, you break up and move on. The same concept applies to friends. So,I’ve decided I don’t need to be friends with the biggest asshole in the world. I would rather not have any friends than to latch onto him. It’s time to upgrade my squad. It’s time to break out of this “introvertedness” and find new friends.  There’s a lot of wonderful people out there who are potential friend material. Don’t be like me and settle for the biggest turd in the bunch.



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