The Struggle between Dreams and Reality

Photo on 4-6-16 at 11.29 PMBack in high school, I lived deep in the land of dreams. I envisioned myself working as pediatrician during the day and during the weekends I would be attending fancy events in the city. Looking back, it was so unrealistic, yet being stuck in dreamland and always looking to the future for positivity was a great place to be in. It gave me hope and meaning for the future.

Post college is rooted deep in reality. Adulting is coming at me in full force and dreamland is distant memory. The future seems so bleak because it’s so real. Dreams are full of ambition, yet reality is full of doubt. It makes me lose sight of what my goals are.  I find that the transition from dreamland to the real world happened when I stopped saying “I want to” and started saying “Can I really?”

See, dreams gave me confidence and hope for life, but reality is taking it away. Right now in my life I’m at a stage where dreams and reality intermingle. When your dreams start to become reality, it starts to get scary. You start to question if what you’re doing in right, if what you’re investing in is worth it. You start fantasizing about other paths that may be better. This is the struggle of having your dreams and your reality collide.

Reality sucks sometimes and it clouds the goals that you set for yourself. It’s a hard transition, taking your dream into the real world. However, it’s important that dreams and reality coexist. Dreams are what propel us to make and pursue goals. Reality is what pushes us to commit to these goals.

Though reality may seem daunting and hopeless at times, it is important that we all keep dreaming and envisioning that ideal life. We must fight the pressures of reality,whatever they may be, so that we can be dauntless in pursing a dream. It should never make us lose sight of our dreams. At the end of the day, I’d like to know that I’ve at least put in my all to find meaning in reality.


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