Hi There!

This blog is not in any way dedicated to the almighty John Oliver, although John Oliver rules is pretty much the only thing that is not debatable. He most definitely rules. The reason I chose this as my blog name is because I gave up trying to think of new names for my blog after wordpress rejected my first 10 or so choices. Finally, out of desperation I typed in the the first thing that comes to mind. WordPress accepted the truth and johnoliverrules lives.

I mostly decided to start a blog because like most people, I have a lot on my mind and I was tired of talking to myself. So I figured I would start a blog to write down my feelings ,and I’ll probably be the only one to go back and read my posts. This is definitely a step up from talking to myself though. If by some chance someone has the misfortune of reading my posts, I shall forewarn you that like me my posts will probably be confusing and lead you nowhere. I’ve chosen to start a blog as a way of expressing myself and sometimes I express myself through incoherencies.

Happy Reading.

*If by some miracle John Oliver does happen to come upon this, I will pass out due to excitement.


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